QOC Solutions


QOC Solutions is a company that designs, manufactures and sells quick opening closure systems for businesses specialized in many different fields. Our team is composed of engineers and specialized professionals who have been working in the QOC sector for over twenty years.

QOC Solutions has one main goal: providing the clients with customized quick opening closures that guarantee a rapid and safe access to every kind of equipment, pressurized or not.

Moreover, QOC Solutions doesn’t only manufacture products but offers also consultations and technical support to the most important companies on a national and international scale that work in the field of Oil&Gas, food sector, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical and of research.

research and development of innovative Solutions

QOC Solutions works every day to create innovative products that can combine both safety and the best technologies available. The constant research and development activity allows us to update regularly our proposals, so to always manufacture, sell, and install the best products. This continuous search for new solutions makes QOC Solutions a flexible and versatile company able to adapt its solutions to every customer need.

Moreover, being part of a constantly growing Group, active in the field of automation and energy saving, also our company is very careful to develop projects in the perspective of environmental sustainability.

10 valid reasons to choose our quick opening closures

  • The safety system with an incorporated safety device for a visual and audio warning, and possible discharge in a safe area
  • The special lip seal gasket that ensures a perfect seal
  • The device to open/close the cover (hinge/davit)
  • The possibility of Partial Asme Stamp certification
  • The certified hydraulic test performed on samples
  • The possibility of automatic movement
  • The possibility of hydraulic movement
  • The quality certification databook
  • The 24 months warranty starting from the delivery date
  • The installation and after-sales assistance