Made in italy

QOC Solutions’ products are developed and manufactured in Italy

QOC Solutions supports the idea of a product that includes, as fundamental elements

  • easy to use
  • movement carried out by one man
  • immediate understanding of the operation
  • opening / closing speed
  • balanced and intelligent application of technology

QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures

QOCs are designed to guarantee a fast and instant access to equipment under pressure and without any pressure.

QOC Solutions’s quick opening closures are synonyms for safety, quality, and innovation; They have 24 months warranty starting from the delivery date.

All QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures have a safety device designed and built according to ASME VIII div.1 UG-35 and ASME VIII div.2 Par. 4.8 which provides the operator with an audio warning in case of residual pressure inside the appliance. Safety devices for visual warning and for the discharge of gas or acidic residues in a safe area away from the operator can be included.

Characteristic of QOCs

QOC Solutions manufactures products such as threaded quick opening closures (QOC THD), quick opening closures with sectors, quick opening closures with jaws, and quick opening closures with tooth (manual or automatic), which can be installed on pressure vessels and atmospheric tanks, pig launching and receiving traps, vertical and horizontal filters, manholes, handholes, separator filters, three phase filters, mini-reactors, autoclaves, and timed chain conveyors.

Our quick opening closures production range starts from DN 2” to DN 72”, the temperature goes from  -46°C to +350°C, and the pressure ratings available go up to ANSI 2500. Moreover, 

They are equipped with the O-Ring gasket or special lip seal provided guarantees a perfect seal even at low pressures.

QOC Solutions’ products can be made of:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex or super duplex 

Moreover, we also offer protection/anti-corrosion treatments of the components such as:

  • nickel plating
  • cold galvanizing
  • teflon coating
  • sandblasting and coating with zinc rich epoxy primer
  • final painting according to specification