Accessories for pressure systems: buy QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures

Quick opening closures for pressure systems

The industry sector often uses pressure systems to achieve its production and commercial goals. This type of industrial equipment, which includes tanks, for example, requires the use of special accessories that assure the safety of the workers and a simple usage of the plant. Among these accessories for pressure systems, there are quick opening closures, products that allow professionals to operate safely and more quickly during use, setup, and maintenance of industrial equipment.

QOC Solutions is an Italian company specialized in the design, construction, and sale of quick opening closures for pressure tanks. The strengths of our business are the quality of the products offered and the high level of customization offered to each customer. Those who turn to QOC Solutions know that they can count on a team of professionals with years of experience in the field of quick opening closures which are able to build ad hoc models that meet every customer’s need.

Among the quick opening closures listed in the catalogue, essential accessories for pressure systems, there are many different models (threaded, sector, jaw and tooth). The variety allows them to adapt perfectly to every industrial plant but all equally provided with the safety and traceability requirements imposed by the regulations on the subject (CE marking and compliance with the standards EN 10204 3.1 / 3.2 /2.2).

In addition, all QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures are subject to strict controls aimed at verifying the quality of the product in general, its usability and its safety. Tests are conducted by both internal staff and external partners.

If you want to ensure that your pressure manufacturing plants are always working at their best, be sure to choose suitable accessories, buy QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures. Variety, quality, timeliness of production and delivery, customization of the product, and a fast and attentive customer service make us one of the leading companies on the Italian and international market.