What should be the role of the Oil & Gas industry in the energy transition process?

The role of Oil & Gas companies in the energy transition

As the need to hurry up and find alternatives to fossil fuels for energy production becomes more and more apparent, it is natural to ask what role Oil & Gas companies should play in this. After all, these are some of the most important companies and they employ many people all over the world. It would be unthinkable – and certainly detrimental – to think that we could tackle the climate crisis by shutting them all down. 

Unfortunately, in the last decade, many, even too many, institutional investors have decided to withdraw their funds from these companies and redirect them towards other, less “controversial” sectors. However, this behaviour is bound to damage the fight against global warming in the long run. 

What needs to change in energy transition management

The starting point is the absurdity of not involving oil and gas companies in a serious and feasible energy transition project, as experts say that without their support, any chance of change would be impossible. 

Since it will be many years before we can rely solely on renewable energy sources for energy production, it is more necessary than ever to mobilise funds to invest in Oil & Gas in order to find more efficient and less wasteful solutions. With this in mind, fossil fuel companies become key allies in trying to provide concrete answers to the energy crisis, making it easier to achieve the various targets set by governments for the coming decades. 

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