ENI publishes a positive Annual Financial Report for 2021

ENI’s Annual Financial Report for 2021 confirms last year’s positivity

Last March, ENI presented its Annual Financial Report for 2021 in which the results achieved in the previous twelve months were communicated and the objectives for the future reconfirmed, objectives that focus on sustainability and responsibility. It is a very interesting read that accurately outlines how 2021 was a very good year for the oil giant and gives concrete insights to shape expectations for 2022.

To underline the extremely favourable economic environment from which the company benefited last year, let us start with a figure that speaks for itself: revenues from ordinary operations increased by 74% compared to 2020. The approximately 33 billion more in earnings is clear evidence of how the oil industry has managed to overcome the crisis into which it plunged two years ago.

The favourable trend, however, does not only concern this general figure, but also the adjusted operating and earnings per share and the net result, which was positive by EUR 5.82 billion. In short, ENI managed to convince everyone with its performance last year, especially when one considers the massive losses in 2020. 

In addition, the leading energy producer managed to decrease its hydrocarbon production by 3% to 1.68 million boe per day, a decrease that is part of ENI’s plans for total decarbonisation by 2050. 

ENI’s goals on the sustainability front

As we said, the Annual Financial Report 2021 was an opportunity for ENI to reaffirm its commitment to the energy transition through concrete actions. The company’s main goals remain the preservation of the planet and the promotion of increasingly fair and sustainable access to energy resources

Through the publication of the report, moreover, ENI has once again confirmed its line focused on transparency and responsibility, fundamental characteristics for continuing to be a key player in the energy revolution that will take place over the coming decades.