Industrial quick opening closures: all QOC Solutions products

QOC Solutions designs and manufactures industrial quick opening closures

The strength of a firm like QOC Solutions, an internationally renowned Italian company in the industrial quick opening closure sector, lies mainly in the quality of its products. The quick opening closures designed at our headquarters in Vaprio D’agogna, a town in the province of Novara, guarantee excellent performances to any plant they are installed in. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone, then, that our company invests a large part of its time and funds in research and development, in order to be able to offer reliable industrial quick opening closures with ever-better performance, whatever the area of use. 

This desire to create a product capable of responding perfectly to the particular needs of each of our customers has led us, since the beginning of our adventure in this field, to offer a long series of models of industrial quick opening closures designed and built by our own engineers and specialised technicians. 

In this short article, we will show you all the types of industrial quick opening closures made by QOC Solutions. 

All models of industrial quick openinig closures from QOC Solutions

QOC Solutions offers its customers five different types of industrial quick opening closures. And don’t forget that every project our team undertakes is fully customised and tailored to your specific requirements and the needs of your plant.

The first model we would like to talk about is the industrial quick opening closure with teeth, of which we offer both a manual and an automatic version. What gives the model its name is its characteristic interlocking tooth system that allows it to be opened. One particular type of toothed QOC is the hermetic QOC for use in autoclaves.

Secondly, we offer industrial quick opening closures with jaws that are actuated by the unscrewing/unscrewing movement of a threaded operating rod. Due to their versatility and the fact that they can be used in various fields, quick opening closures with sectors are among the most popular QOC Solutions products. They consist of two separate parts, a cover and a hub. 

Finally, another best seller is the threaded industrial quick opening closures, which is also actuated by a screwing/unscrewing motion. In case you are not able to decide which QOC Solutions product is best suited for your plant, we would like to remind you that our staff is always ready to guide you in your purchase

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