A case story: the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline

The Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline: a strategic project

The Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline represents one of the most significant infrastructures for transporting natural gas from the Middle East to Europe. Stretching 5,600 km, it connects the Iranian gas condensate field to European markets via Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. QOC Solutions, an Italian company specialising in the design and production of customised quick release closures for the Oil & Gas industry, played a crucial role in this project. Thanks to the horizontally installed quick opening closures with teeth supplied by QOC Solutions, the pipeline guarantees efficiency and safety in the transport of the sour gas, an essential element for the success of the project.

The Iran-Iraq-Syria Gas Pipeline: project overview

The 5,600 km long Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline is a rather ambitious infrastructure in the field of natural gas transport. This strategic project connects the Iranian gas condensate field in the southern part of Iran with Europe via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The main goal of the pipeline is to supply natural gas not only to the countries it passes through, but also to European customers, thus contributing to the diversification of the continent’s energy sources.

The pipeline route crosses complex territories and requires advanced technical solutions to ensure safety and efficiency. Furthermore, the handling of sour gas, which contains significant amounts of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), represents a significant challenge. In this context, the adoption of high-quality quick closures is crucial to minimise risks and maximise system reliability.

QOC Solutions supplied horizontally installed quick opening closures with teeth, an innovative technology that significantly improved the pipeline’s safety and operational efficiency, consolidating the company’s role in the Oil & Gas industry.

Technical characteristics of the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline

The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline transports sour gas, a type of natural gas containing high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The handling of sour gas is particularly complex due to its corrosive and toxic properties, which require advanced materials and technologies to ensure safety and durability.

The 5,600 km length of the pipeline crosses various geographical and climatic zones, presenting significant technical challenges. To meet these challenges, innovative solutions such as the horizontally installed quick-connect tine closures supplied by QOC Solutions were implemented. These quick opening closures are designed to ensure safe and quick installation, reducing maintenance time and improving operational efficiency.

The use of corrosion-resistant materials and advanced technologies for acid gas management has resulted in a safe and reliable infrastructure. This approach has helped reduce the risks associated with internal and external corrosion, ensuring a continuous and safe flow of natural gas along the entire pipeline route.

The importance of quick opening closures in the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline project

Quick opening closures play a crucial role in the safety and operational efficiency of the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline. QOC Solutions supplied horizontally installed quick opening closures with teeth specifically designed to withstand the technical challenges of sour gas transportation. These closures are installed on sections of the pipeline that are subject to frequent maintenance, ensuring quick and safe access.

The quick opening closures supplied by QOC Solutions operate at a pressure of 40″/150 – 7.5 barg, ensuring safe and stable operation even under the most extreme conditions. Their advanced design significantly reduces intervention times, increasing overall pipeline safety.

These quick opening closures not only facilitate maintenance operations, but also improve personnel safety by reducing exposure to sour gas hazards. The adoption of these innovative solutions has helped minimise pipeline downtime, optimising the flow of natural gas to European and local markets.

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