QOC Solutions, manufacturer of accessories for oil and gas plants

QOC Solutions, a company specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of quick opening closures 

QOC Solutions is one of the most prominent manufacturers of accessories for the oil and gas sector. Our team consists of engineers and technicians who have been working in the field of QOCs production for over twenty years. In addition to the creation of accessories for oil and gas plants, QOC Solutions also offers consultancy and technical support to the most important national and international companies working not only in the oil and gas sector but also in the manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical and finally in the food field.

The oil and gas sector includes all activities related to liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, ranging from exploration, drilling, extraction, refining, up to the distribution of extracted raw materials.

QOC Solutions works every day to create top-quality accessories for oil and gas plants that combine fundamental aspects such as safety and the best available technologies. Moreover, our company constantly looks for new solutions and research and development activities. 

QOC Solutions quick opening closures, cutting-edge components for oil and gas systems

QOC Solutions manufactures threaded, sector, jaw and tooth quick opening closures that can be used for a variety of applications. All our accessories for oil and gas systems can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex or forged super duplex. They can be equipped with a safety device designed and manufactured according to ASME VIII div.1 UG-35 and ASME VIII div.2 Par.48 codes, which warns operators of the presence of residual pressure inside the device through a sound signal. On request, our items can be furthermore customized by adding visual warning systems and components for the discharge of residual gases or acid liquids in a safe area.

Accessories for oil and gas systems QOC Solutions include protection/corrosion treatments of components such as nickel plating, cold galvanizing, Teflon plating, sandblasting and painting with epoxy primer, final painting to specification, and can be mounted on industrial plants of various kinds, in particular on pressure and atmospheric tanks, launch and reception traps, vertical and horizontal filters, manholes, hand holes, separator filters, three-phase filters, mini reactors, autoclaves, timed chain conveyors. 

All our components for oil and gas systems are reliable and durable and guarantee maximum safety between worker and plant. Our company, a manufacturer of accessories for oil and gas systems, also guarantees customized solutions that adapt to the needs of each customer. Find out more about all QOC Solutions branded products by clicking here.

Only quality accessories for oil and gas systems from QOC Solutions

QOC Solutions provides only quality and certified products. All materials used to make our components for oil and gas systems are certified according to EN 10204 3.1/3.2/2.2 and are subject to strict quality controls such as PT-VT-MT-UT qualifications SNT TC 1A EN-473.

Also, our qualified internal staff carries out the welding checks directly through the collaboration of our partner welding inspectors. If you want to know more, click here

If you are looking for a manufacturer of oil and gas components, rely on QOC Solutions, your ideal partner! QOC Solutions has always had as its primary objective to ensure the satisfaction of its customers by providing products that comply with current regulations and quality standards. 

Besides, our company is continuously striving to improve the performance of its products and to develop new technologies to always offer you top-of-the-range solutions in terms of functionality, safety and cost optimization

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