Quick opening closures design: QOC Solutions’ innovative offerings

Innovative quick opening closures

If you’re looking for top-notch quick opening closures that can guarantee great efficiency and safety, you should look into QOC Solutions’ offering. Our company, in fact, designs cutting-edge quick opening closures that can assure overall amazing performances.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field and to a team of extremely qualified engineers, in our labs located in Vaprio D’Agogna we create simple to use and hi-tech QOC models.

Designing threaded QOCs, QOCs with jaws, QOCs with sectors, and QOCs with tooth

Listed in QOC Solutions’ catalogue there are many different quick opening closures: clients who contact us know that they can find exactly the products that they need for their industrial plants and that they can further customize them to fit exactly their requests, no matter the business sector. Among the most common applications of our products, there are handholes, autoclaves, mini-reactors, and horizontal or vertical filters.

The great attention that QOC Solutions’ team puts into the research and development department helps us offer always new and up to date products. Choosing projects created by our company means having the guarantee that the items you buy are original, compliant with all the norms, and made with the best materials available on the market.

Moreover, each project that our company designs undergoes many trials in order to test its correct functioning and its safety degree. Strict controls and great professionalism let us supply some of the best QOCs available on the market.

QOC Solutions, however, doesn’t only design quick opening closures but it also manufactures and sells them. Clients who are interested in our products can contact us via phone call or email. We’ll be more than glad to arrange an appointment to discuss an estimate and technical information with them.

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