Quick opening closures for gas plants: choose QOC Solutions’ products

QOC for gas plants

QOC Solutions is a company specialized in the designing, building, and creation of quick opening closures for gas plants. The products produced by the business are compatible with many different pieces of equipment that find wide application in this field such as pig launching and receiving traps, pressurized and not pressurized tanks, and separator filters.

In QOC Solutions headquarters, the creation of quick opening closure for gas plants is a collaboration between the company and the client: each product is designed to entirely satisfy the needs of the customers and of their business. The different models of quick opening closures (starting from the THD ones to the tooth ones, not to overlook the jaw models or the sector ones) can be completely customized in full compliance with the security standards imposed by national and international laws.

QOC Solutions and the quick opening closures for gas plants

The reliability and the productivity of a piece of machinery that has to be opened and closed in order to be used highly depend on the way and the time used to open and close the doors of the system. Over the years, the productivity and the number of plants that have these type of closures have grown exponentially, especially in the Oil and Gas Department, and with them has increased the number of operation of opening/closure. The consequences that companies have to face are quite concerning: the higher is the production rate and the number of accesses to the machinery, the bigger is the number of maintenance operations that have to be made and the time used for the operators to check the equipment.

Thanks to QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures, companies will be finally able to check on the plants more swiftly and efficiently. Our systems, in fact, are both simple and safe to use: the firms that use our quick opening closures can cut the time and the cost of the opening/closure process, without compromising the quality and integrity of the operation.

Moreover, all of our quick opening closures are designed by engineers, mechanical operators, and draftsmen whose work is renowned all over the world. QOC Solutions’ desire to always offer the best solutions to its clients drives us on keep working on new and better QOCs, that will simplify the lives and the jobs of those who work every day with this kind of products: newer and more innovative products will soon be available!

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