Quick opening closures for manholes: QOC Solutions’ products

QOCs for menholes

Manholes are vessel emergency mechanisms that allow easy and rapid access to the inside of the equipment. They are useful in case of problems that could interfere with the safety of the industrial plant, for maintenance purposes, and the cleaning or loading of the vessels. 

Among the many products in the catalogue of QOC Solutions, a company specialized in the design, construction and sale of QOCs for various industrial sectors, there are also quick opening closures for manholes.  

Designed specifically for low and medium pressure vessels, QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures for manholes are compact in design and made from materials that ensure high strength and durability. 

The design makes these products extremely safe, but at the same time guarantees excellent ease of use, so much so that our QOCs for manhole can be opened, closed and operated even by a single operator.

The main advantages of purchasing QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures are the remarkable adaptability of the products and their high degree of customization. All of our QOCs are produced internally and on commission, and this allows our team of engineers and technicians to create ad hoc and entirely tailor-made products, able to adapt to customer requirements under every aspect.

Type of quick opening closure, materials, protection treatments, gaskets and visual and sound security systems: everything can be selected among numerous alternatives to give life to quick opening closures that perfectly suites the needs of each customer. Among the most requested options are the safety systems for the protection of the operators and the dispersion of internal pressure in a safe area.

All the quick opening closures for manholes produced by our company are manufactured in compliance with the most modern quality standards and are subject to non-destructive tests carried out by qualified personnel. Also, at the request of the customer, the products can be certified Asme U-Stamp and U2-Stamp and accompanied by a Partial Data Report signed by Asme Inspector.  

Finally, QOC Solutions offers a 24-months warranty on its products and a comprehensive maintenance service.

For more information on our quick opening closures for manholes or a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.