Quick opening closures: discovering QOC Solutions’ innovative products

QOC Solutions, an Italian excellence in the quick opening closures industry

In Italy there are so many excellences that with their everyday work contribute significantly to bring innovation and quality in so many different fields all over the world. After all, our country has always been an exporter of talent, whatever form it may take

Unfortunately, very often people are almost completely unaware of the stories and achievements of these companies, which is a real shame. To solve this problem and introduce you to some of Italy’s greatest businesses, today we’d like to talk to you about a company that in just a few years has revolutionised – among others – the Oil & Gas sector, making it much safer thanks to its vast production of quick opening closures: QOC Solutions

There are very few companies in the world that can be compared to QOC Solutions for the quality of both the products and the services provided. Relying on a company like the Italian one, in fact, assures your organisation a completely customised work.

What QOC Solutions offers to the quick opening closures industry 

The added value of the Piedmont-based company is its ability to follow a project throughout all its stages, from production to installation. It is precisely this characteristic that allows our team to create products made 100% to the customer’s requirements, and in a particular industry like that of quick opening closures, even the smallest detail can make a huge difference. 

Another winning feature that has always characterised QOC Solutions is the company’s emphasis on research and development. Despite our prestigious position in the field of quick opening closures at international level, we don’t just provide our clients with our tried and tested products, but we are always looking for cutting-edge solutions to constantly improve the performance of our quick opening closures. 

This is only possible thanks to the professionalism of the engineers and technicians who work with passion on our projects and who are committed to making sure that QOC Solutions quick opening closures live up to our company’s name. Not only that, but with their talent and dedication they succeed in achieving their goal of always offering innovative products.

QOC Solutions’ wide selection of quick opening closures 

But let’s talk about what has made QOC Solutions a leader in the industry of quick opening closures: our products

For people who are still unfamiliar with them, quick opening closures are mechanisms that allow workers to access very dangerous and sensitive equipment quickly and safely. They are used in a wide range of sectors, such as the petrochemical, food, manufacturing, and chemical industries, as well as Oil & Gas. QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures can be found in a lot of industrial plants.

Our quick opening closures are available in a variety of models, including ones with teeth, ones with sectors, threaded ones, and ones with jaws. All our quick opening closures are manufactured with great care and come with many extras that make them some of the best on the market. 

Curious to discover all the projects in which our quick opening closures have been involved? Visit the dedicated page on our website.