What do we know about TAP, the pipeline that will change the European Oil & Gas market

What is TAP and why was it built?

The news came just a few weeks ago: four years after the work began, TAP has finally come into operation. Starting today, therefore, Europe has an additional source of natural gas at its disposal, a very important step towards 2030’s goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

For those who do not know what we are talking about, TAP – acronym for Trans-Adriatic Pipeline – is a gas pipeline that goes from the border between Greece and Turkey to Italy, on the Adriatic coast near Lecce. On its long route, TAP crosses Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea, opening up the European market to gas from Azerbaijan. 

This new natural gas route is part of the infrastructure complex known as the Southern Gas Corridor, a pipeline route connecting the Caspian Sea area to Europe. To understand how impressive this work is, here are some numbers: it is a 3500 km long chain that can transport up to 10 billion m3 of natural gas per year. 

But why invest in infrastructure like TAP? The main purpose of the pipeline is to increase natural fuel supply opportunities for Europe so that we can rely on differentiated and therefore more reliable sources. 

TAP, an international project

The realisation of such an ambitious project necessarily requires a network of international collaborations, important investments and the skills of the best experts in the field. 

In the specific case of TAP, a key role has been played by the European Union, which has always supported the construction of the pipeline. The EU, in fact, recognises the infrastructure as a central part of its energy policy, on the one hand by contributing to the diversification of supply sources and on the other by being part of the EU project on the reduction of CO2 production.

Of course, the contributions of the countries affected by the presence of TAP and their companies operating in the natural gas transport sector are also important.

TAP and the environment

One of the main goals of TAP company has always been to build one of the most advanced and efficient gas pipelines in the world without damaging the environment. All current European and international regulations have been complied with for this project. 

It is no coincidence that, as we were saying, TAP and the natural gas that will enter the European market through the pipeline will be fundamental for the EU to have at its disposal the sustainable energy mix that will allow us to turn the energy policy of an entire continent around. 

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