Thanks to Eni and Snam’s Italy-Algeria pipelines, the future is getting closer

Agreement between Eni and Snam for gas pipelines between Italy and Algeria officially finalised

Excellent news comes from the natural gas and green hydrogen front. A year ago, Italy’s Eni and Snam had announced plans to join forces to buy SeaCorridor, a newborn company created specifically for better and more efficient management of the gas pipelines linking Italy and Algeria. Today, the over €400 million deal was finally concluded with the definition of the shares of Eni (50.1%) and Snam (49.9%) and the takeover of SeaCorridor

But why is the Oil & Gas world – and the Italian sector in particular – so enthusiastic about this news? There are mainly two reasons. On the one hand, the agreement allows us to breathe a sigh of relief in terms of national security, guaranteeing greater reliability in the supply of natural gas, while on the other it opens up new possibilities within the green hydrogen value chain. 

In particular, the latter is considered to be of great interest by experts, as green hydrogen production is expected to grow exponentially between now and 2035 in the North African region, including Algeria. 

New opportunities are also on the horizon for QOC Solutions

The deal set up by Eni and Snam opens up numerous opportunities for companies such as QOC Solutions, which have always been involved in the supply of components for oil and gas plants. Qoc Solutions’ quick opening closures, for example, are also ideal for installation on pipelines that will be converted from transporting natural gas to transporting hydrogen. Qoc Solutions’ quick opening closures are in fact equipped with a special lip seal that ensures that the line is perfectly sealed even in the presence of hydrogen.

The gradual conversion of these plants to hydrogen transport will make our quick opening closures with special lip seals even more in demand. 

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