The Oil & Gas sector overcomes last year’s crisis and prepares for a new boom

Steady growth in recent months bodes well for the Oil & Gas sector

After a difficult year, no one would have expected this, not even those in the industry, but the Oil & Gas sector has started 2021 with a full recovery. All those companies in the petrochemical sector that were looking forward to the new year with apprehension after the bad setback of the past months can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

All those who were betting on the inexorable decline of an industry that for decades has represented one of the most important and flourishing economies in the world will have to reconsider. In the end, not even a pandemic has been enough to bring the Oil & Gas sector to its knees once and for all

Not only are we recently witnessing a significant increase in demand in line with pre-2020 figures – an increase that goes beyond the most florid expectations – but it even seems that the great interest that has been created around this sector is preparing us for a new boom

The role of fossil fuels will continue to be crucial

Now that the most critical phase has been overcome and a way has been found to deal with the consequences of what happened last year, we can finally look to the future with renewed serenity – and what a future! According to some authoritative voices in the American market, in fact, investments will increase significantly over the next five years, as has not happened for a long time.

Predictions of this kind – which would have been unthinkable even six months ago – at least make us realise that fossil fuels will continue to play a fundamental role. When you consider that so many other Oil & Gas adjacent sectors are starting to recover at the same time, it’s easy to see why people in the industry are so optimistic. 

QOC Solutions and its products are ready to get back to work

One company that has never stopped working, even in the past year, is the Italian QOC Solutions, a leader in the field of industrial quick opening closures. Despite the undoubted slowdown in the industry, the quality of our products and the experience of our staff have enabled us to continue doing our best throughout 2020.

Now that the entire global petrochemical industry is ready to resume full force, the QOC Solutions team is looking forward to getting back to the innovative projects for which it is internationally renowned. The continuous search for better performing and more functional solutions means that not only are the products designed and manufactured in our facility top of the range, but our contribution can help make every plant a success.

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