OMC 2023: results and considerations with QOC Solutions

At the heart of innovation: QOC Solutions at OMC 2023

In the dynamic world of Oil & Gas, the OMC 2023 exhibition continues to be one of the most important stages for the latest developments in the industry and, once again this year, QOC Solutions played a leading role, demonstrating its commitment to innovation, sustainability and international growth. 

In this exclusive interview, we explore how QOC Solutions used OMC 2023 to consolidate its position in the market, reveal its latest innovations and outline the company’s future vision. From expansion strategies to new horizons in research and development, we discover QOC Solutions’ plans and aspirations in the age of energy transition and beyond.

How did you find the organisation and turn-out of this year’s event?

The organisation and turn-out of the OMC 2023 event was excellent. QOC Solutions noted that, as always, the exhibition event was organised with great care, providing an effective platform for Oil & Gas operators.

The logistics management and event scheduling allowed for smooth navigation through the stands and sessions, further enhancing the experience for exhibitors and attendees. Overall, OMC 2023 once again proved to be a top event in the Oil & Gas industry calendar.

What were the strengths and areas for improvement that you noticed in this edition of the exhibition?

The 2023 edition of OMC was an important milestone, marking the 30th anniversary of the event. This year, the exhibition stood out for its emphasis on energy transition issues, a choice that aligned with current industry trends. The speeches and presentations offered very interesting insights and discussions, in which we had the pleasure of participating.

Which products have you chosen to present at this exhibition and why?

At this edition of the OMC exhibition, QOC Solutions has chosen to highlight its sector QOC, one of the flagship models in the company’s offering. The decision to exhibit this specific product was dictated by its outstanding performance and commercial success at international level. 

The sector QOC stands out for its versatility, being suitable for a wide range of applications in the Oil & Gas sector. This choice reflects the company’s aim to present high quality and widely appreciated solutions to OMC participants, thus underlining our commitment to offering state-of-the-art and reliable products for the industry.

Have you achieved the goals you set for this exhibition?

Yes, QOC Solutions successfully achieved its goals for its participation in OMC 2023. The exhibition was crucial for the company, not only as a platform, but also as a source of valuable insights for improvement. The active participation of customers and partners, who visited our stand, provided significant contributions. These meetings stimulated innovative ideas and offered useful perspectives to further refine the company’s products and strategies.

What has been the feedback from visitors regarding your designs?

The feedback from visitors regarding QOC Solutions’ products was very positive. New visitors showed a particular interest, highlighting the potential for future collaborations. This reaction is a promising sign for the company, indicating that their products continue to attract customers and arouse interest in the market. 

At the same time, QOC Solutions’ long-standing partners reconfirmed their interest, consolidating existing relationships.

Did you have the opportunity to establish new trade relations or strengthen existing ones?

QOC Solutions’ participation in OMC 2023 was crucial for the development of its business relations. The event offered an excellent opportunity to make new contacts, thus expanding the network of potential collaborations. Our presence, however, also allowed us to strengthen trusting relationships with our long-standing partners.

How do you plan to exploit the networks created or strengthened during the event?

QOC Solutions intends to make the most of the networks created and strengthened during the OMC with a proactive and long-term approach. The company is committed to supporting and enhancing these connections in the months and years to come. This will be achieved by maintaining a constant and reliable presence as a partner in the industry, demonstrating reliability and commitment to new and old collaborators. 

This means not only maintaining current relationships, but also actively exploring opportunities for collaboration, innovation and mutual growth. Essentially, QOC Solutions sees these networks not only as business contacts, but as strategic partnerships that will be nurtured and developed with dedication and professionalism.

Were there any sessions, workshops or conferences that you found particularly useful or interesting?

During OMC 2023, we found the conferences related to energy transition particularly useful. Listening to the experiences of partners involved in implementing new pilot projects was one of the most interesting moments of the event for us. These projects focused on reducing CO2 emissions offered valuable and innovative insights.

What is your company mission and how do your products and services contribute to achieving it?

QOC Solutions’ mission is to continuously improve the performance of its products and to ensure a high level of professionalism in its services. The main objective is to increase customer satisfaction by working tirelessly to exceed their expectations. This is reflected in the company’s constant commitment to innovation and optimisation of its solutions, ensuring that each product and service not only meets, but anticipates the needs of the market. This dedication to continuous improvement and service excellence is fundamental to maintaining the trust and loyalty of customers and maintaining a prominent role in the industry.

Are there any new technologies or innovations incorporated in your products that you would like to highlight?

QOC Solutions is at the forefront of technological innovation, actively responding to customer requests for fully automated solutions. The growing demand for remote control systems for QOCs without the need for operator presence has prompted the company to develop advanced technologies in this area. 

Thanks to QOC Solutions’ experience and synergy with the group of which it is a part, our company is able to offer optimal, integrated solutions. These advanced systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with customers’ existing processes, ensuring efficient, industry-leading automation. This emphasis on innovation and adaptability confirms QOC Solutions’ commitment to providing products that not only meet, but anticipate and exceed customer expectations.

How does your company address sustainability and social responsibility issues?

QOC Solutions addresses sustainability and social responsibility issues with a focused and conscious approach. One of the company’s main goals is to ensure the high performance of its products in order to prevent the emission of potentially harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This commitment reflects the company’s dedication to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable working practices.

In addition, QOC Solutions focuses on optimising on-site operations. This not only improves process efficiency, but also contributes to a safer and more responsible working environment. The continuous pursuit of efficiency and sustainability is a fundamental pillar of QOC Solutions’ philosophy, which recognises the importance of operating ethically and sustainably in today’s global climate.

What are the long-term goals for your company?

QOC Solutions’ long-term goals are focused on international expansion and recognition. The company is committed to ensuring that both our product and our brand are recognised and appreciated on a global scale. This goal translates into a series of strategies aimed at continuous innovation, excellent product quality and strengthening our presence in international markets.

Are there any new markets or sectors that you plan to explore in the coming years?

QOC Solutions plans to continue to focus on its core markets, particularly those areas of the world rich in energy resources such as Oil & Gas. This approach reflects a commitment to deepening and strengthening our presence in sectors and markets where the company has already established a strong reputation and expertise.

What is the role of research and development in your company?

The role of research and development at QOC Solutions is central and a distinguishing factor of the company. The ongoing search for product improvements in terms of applicability, reliability and cost optimisation is a key commitment for QOC Solutions. This approach demonstrates the company’s dedication to not only maintaining but also raising the standards of quality and innovation of its products.

Through research and development, QOC Solutions is committed to exploring new technologies, new materials and new processes that can help make its products even more efficient, reliable and cost-effective. The focus on innovation, therefore, is seen not only as an investment in products and technologies, but also as an investment in the very future of the company.

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