Production of quick opening closures: in Italy there is QOC Solutions

QOC Solutions and quick opening closures

QOC Solutions is one of the most prominent industrial companies in the field of the production of quick opening closures. Established from the desire of an experienced team of specialist in the design and construction of QOCs to create a company capable of offering innovative, safe, and technically improved products, QOC Solutions has become a leader in the field.

QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures are particularly suitable for equipment and machinery used in the Oil & Gas, food, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, and research sectors.

What customers who turn to QOC Solutions seem to appreciate the most is the attention with which the company’s engineers and technicians work on each project. All QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures designed, manufactured and sold are highly customized and specifically tailored to each customer’s needs.

At the core of the production of quick opening closures developed by our team of specialists is the awareness that no industrial plant is the same as another, as well as the services that companies offer to their customers; therefore, if you want to help companies make a real leap in quality you need to adapt the QOCs so that they meet exactly their needs through a process of customization.

The QOC Solutions team offers customers a consulting service that allows technicians to collect all the information necessary to create ad hoc quick opening closures. In this phase, the team works with the customer to define, in the light of maximum and minimum design temperatures and pressure ratings, the most suitable type of quick closure for the application.


The QOCs we produce withstand temperatures ranging from – 46°C to + 350°C, with pressure ratings up to ANSI 2500, have a dimensional range from DN 2″ to DN 72″ and are equipped with a lip seal (or possibly O-ring). In addition, the materials used for the construction of the products can be stainless steel, duplex, super duplex or carbon steel, whilst the protective treatments applicable can be cold galvanizing, teflonizing, sandblasting and special coatings.

All QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures fully comply with the requirements of national and international standards, can have the PED certification and are all equipped with safety devices created in accordance with ASME VIII div.1 UG-35 and ASME VIII div.2 Par. 4.8, which alert workers to the presence of residual pressure inside the appliance by means of a sound signal and allow the safe discharge of residues of gases or acid liquids.

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