All about QOC Solutions’ protective treatments for quick opening closures

Discover the world of QOC, a leading Italian company in the design, manufacturing and sale of quick opening closures

QOC Solutions is an all-Italian company that designs, produces and sells quick opening closures for industrial use destined to companies operating in various sectors such as Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical, food, manufacturing and research.

All our products have always been characterized by reliability and durability. They also guarantee a safe relationship between workers and plant. The solutions offered by QOC Solutions are highly customized, and they perfectly adapt to the needs of its customers. 

Each of our products is designed and manufactured specifically for each plant. In this way, we ensure ease and safety in the use of any equipment that leaves our factory, being it under pressure and not.

QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures can be used on industrial plants of various kinds, in particular on pressure and atmospheric tanks, launch and reception traps, vertical and horizontal filters, manholes, hand steps, separator filters, three-phase filters, mini reactors, and autoclaves and on special timed chain conveyors.

QOC Solutions creates cutting edge products, both in the safety department and in the usefulness one. Our team of professionals is committed to constant research and development always to guarantee the best products to each customer.

Protection and anti-corrosion treatments of QOC Solutions quick opening closure components

On request of the customer, QOC Solutions provides protection and anti-corrosion treatments of the components such as nickel plating, cold galvanizing, Teflon coating, sandblasting and painting with epoxy primer and lastly, final painting.

QOC Solutions offers the customers the following choices when it comes to protection treatments for quick opening closures.

Nickel plating: surface protection treatment that can be electrolytic or chemical. Electrolytic nickel plating is performed only on metallic materials while chemical nickel plating can be performed on metal but also other materials such as plastic and glass. With chemical nickel plating, the nickel coating follows precisely the geometry of the item and is, therefore, more precise than electroplating.

Cold galvanizing: the application of this galvanizing is effortless and is carried out like a classic primer coating. It ensures all the antioxidant capabilities typical of zinc.

Teflon coating: Teflon is a fluorine-based compound. In this protective treatment for quick opening closures, we spray a layer of Teflon in liquid form on the products. 

Sandblasting: sandblasting consists of the spraying of abrasives against the surfaces that need to be treated through compressed air. This type of protection treatment allows a careful cleaning of the surfaces and makes the subsequent application of protective paints easier.

Painting with epoxy primer: for this treatment, we use a mixture of chemical products that allow the formation of a very resistant protective film on the surfaces. Epoxy paints can have a liquid or powdery consistency and are made of a binder resin and a solvent.

Final painting: this type of treatment is not a standard one. Our team select the most suitable substance to refine each item based on the use. In this way, we guarantee a higher resistance degree to wear, attack by corrosive substances and oxidation.

At QOC Solutions we fabricate our quick opening closures with carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex or forged super duplex. 

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