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Quick opening closures for coalescing filters

Coalescing filters are used for the purification of oils and natural gases intended for industrial use. The separation process has the purpose of removing unwanted elements from the mix of extracted hydrocarbons and is carried out in special plants, called coalescence filters.

Coalescence filters exploit the physical phenomenon of particle aggregation to remove impurities from oils and natural gases destined for the petrochemical industry. Once the aggregated particles reach a critical weight, they slide downwards, facilitating their elimination.

This type of equipment is often used for the purification of gases from fine liquid aerosols or mists (liquid-gas coalescence).  It is also used for the cleansing of lubricating oils and other hydrocarbons from other immiscible liquids (liquid-liquid coalescence). It is therefore widely used both in the refining processes of natural gas and oil, and for the protection of refining machinery from corrosion.

Like any other filter separator, coalescing filters require quality quick opening closures for their efficient operation. QOC Solutions specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of quick opening closures for industrial plants, which can be applied to coalescence filters. Each product developed by our company is highly customized and built according to the needs and requirements of the customer by a team of engineers and technicians who create custom models for each project, respecting the directives of the international construction codes.

For coalescing filters, the team recommends the installation of quick opening closures with sectors, a model consisting of two parts: a special flange and a cover. These QOCs can be operated by unlocking the sector, which allows the door to be released and opened. In the design phase, the customer can choose:

  • dimension (dimensions from 6” to 68” are recommended)
  • Design pressure (rating up to ANSI 2500)
  • Design temperatures (-55°C/+350°C)
  • Installation position (vertical or horizontal)
  • Other optional elements (e.g. special safety systems, etc.).

Every quick opening closures for coalescing filters is subjected to strict controls during the various production phases, as well as to non-destructive tests. QOC Solutions offers detailed maintenance instructions for all quick opening closures developed. The team is also available to assist companies in the installation and maintenance of purchased products, all guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months from delivery.

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