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What gas reduction and measurement stations are and what they are for

The process of getting natural gas into our homes and businesses ready for use is long and involves many stages. Some of the most important ones are those that take place at gas reduction and measurement stations.

Pipelines have many of these installations scattered through their whole length. Among the main functions of these stations there is the reduction of gas pressure. When it travels through the pipelines that take it from the extraction site to the delivery point, gas undergoes a pressurization process, necessary to allow its transport. However, before it can be used, the gas has to endure a series of procedures; one of these lowering its pressure by decompression.

One consequence of decompression is that the temperature of the element decreases. To solve this problem, in reduction and measurement stations, gas gets preheated. This procedure involves raising its temperature through a series of specific pieces of equipment such as heat exchangers. At this point, the substance gets also filtered.

Two other processes that the natural gas has to undergo in reduction and measurement stations are odorization and measurement. In the first one, the substance is provided with the typical acrid odour that allows its early detection in case of leakage, as per national and international regulations; in the second one, devices measure the quantity of gas present.

Qoc Solutions’ quick opening closures for gas reduction and measurement stations

Qoc Solutions is a company specialized in designing and production of quick opening closures for industrial plants. One of the main sectors in which our products are used is undoubtedly that of Oil & Gas, and in particular, it is possible to find our quick opening closures on different gas reduction and measurement stations all over the world. 

The quality of Qoc Solutions products is very high as well as it is their reliability. These two are fundamental characteristics when working in delicate fields where you have to deal with dangerous substances. 

Another factor that sets our products apart from all others is their high degree of customization. Thanks to their vast experience, our engineers can satisfy every customer’s request, even the most particular ones. In our catalogue, it is possible to find quick opening closures of different types, from threaded quick opening closure to QOC with sectors and jaws. 

Quick opening closures for gas reduction and measurement stations: End User Snam Rete Gas

A project of which the Qoc Solutions team is particularly proud of is the one with End User Snam Rete Gas. In this project our quick opening closures with tooth have been installed just into their gas reduction and measurement stations. 

The importance of the project is equal only to the importance of the End User: Snam Rete Gas is, in fact, the Italian company that is responsible for almost 94% of the transport and dispatching of methane gas on national territory with an impressive network of high and medium pressure pipelines. 

QOC Solutions’ quick opening closures with tooth are available in both automatic and manual versions. The products are operated through a toothed interlocking system which, by rotating, allows their opening. The recommended dimensions for quick opening closures with tooth range from DN 3” to DN 46”. The recommended rating for the application is ANSI 150, but it can be up to ANSI 600.  

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