Quick opening closures: everything you need to know about the production and maintenance of QOCs

What are quick opening closures?

As defined in the ASME B31.4 and ASME B31.8 regulations, a quick opening closure is a component used for repeated access to the vessels whose purpose is to maintain the internal pressure.

Thanks to rapid opening closures, the access to vessels, pipes, and other machinery are substantially faster than what standard equipment allows. The speed of action translates into greater safety and simplicity of use, both extremely important factors in any plant.

The increasingly widespread diffusion of these products within Italian and foreign companies, however, is not only due to their great functionality but also to their versatility. Quick opening closures, in fact, are used on pressure and atmospheric tanks, timed chain conveyors, launch and reception traps, autoclaves, all types of filters, manhole, handholes, and even reactors.

The design of quick opening closures

At the base of every project for quick opening closures are the knowledge of the intended use of the finished products. It is necessary to offer QOCs with a different design, depending on the application. They are customized by a team of specialists according to the needs of the customer.

In order to be considered suitable for use, the quick opening closures must comply with the rules defined in the reference standards (e.g. ASME, UNI, etc.): compliance with these conditions is what ensures the customer that the materials used and the structure of the product are suitable for the use it is destined for.

During the design phase, the customer provides details about the size, pressure rating, maximum pressure allowed when the appliance is operating, type of material, finishes required, temperatures at which it operates, thicknesses and installation position (vertical or horizontal).

Maintenance of quick opening closures

Given the delicate nature of the role played by quick opening closures in industrial plants, it is a good idea to constantly monitor the condition of these products and carry out maintenance operations to keep them in excellent condition, as established by ASME and UNI standards.

In particular, it is necessary that:

  • all painted surfaces are maintained as such;
  • all unpainted parts are covered with protective agents;
  • the QOCs are adequately lubricated.

Moreover, it is important to know that all the quick opening closures on the market are equipped with gaskets, components that allow keeping the QOCs sealed and consequently to maintain the correct pressure inside the appliance. It is a good idea to always have a spare gasket available because when the device is opened/closed, it may be necessary to replace the old gasket with a new one due to the deterioration that the product tends to suffer.

Buying quick opening closures: types and manufacturers

QOC Solutions, an Italian company specialized in the design and construction of quick opening closures, offers its customers four variants of QOCs, each suitable for different applications and able to meet different needs. The models available are:

QOC Solutions offers highly customized products in all their components and the advantage of being able to build quick opening closures complete with control devices that increase the degree of reliability. In addition, to ensure high levels of safety, each QOC is subjected to internal non-destructive testing before delivery.

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