The shipping industry relies on LNG to reduce CO2 emissions

The shipping industry and greenhouse gas emissions

The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traditional fuels as much as possible is opening up new opportunities for companies involved in the production and export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), currently the safest and most efficient alternative available. One of the most interesting is certainly the shipping sector, which currently accounts for a considerable share of global emissions. 

According to recent figures, the shipping industry as a whole produces 2.7% of total carbon dioxide emissions each year. If we are to keep up the pace of performance in a sector that alone supports a large part of the world economy – shipping is responsible for around 80% of international trade – we need to find sources that can replace those used so far, such as LNG

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has realised that the situation must change and that the shipping industry must also play a key role in building a more sustainable world. For this reason, in recent years it has drawn up stricter rules on sulphur emissions, for example. 

The future of the shipping industry lies in LNG

IMO’s ambitious goal is to halve the greenhouse gases produced by the shipping industry by 2050. This is why it has been stipulated that shipping vessels will not be allowed to use more than 0.5% sulphur-based fuel. Faced with the need for significant change, most shipping companies have decided to focus on liquefied natural gas.

In order to achieve this goal, it is important that the switch to LNG is supported not only by the shipping companies, but also by other industry players, including port facilities. In fact, ports are also proving to be very supportive of this shift to more sustainable sources, as can be seen from the significant investments planned for the next two years to increase fuel gas bunkering facilities. 

QOC Solutions and pipelines to transport natural gas into storage stations

These are key years to bring about a change that will allow us to find a solution to the long-standing issue of CO2 emissions, so it is important that the companies that can make their contribution get involved. QOC Solutions and its quick closures for industrial oil and gas facilities are key to providing fast and safe access to natural gas pipelines and storage facilities.  

QOC Solutions designs and manufactures custom-made quick closures, which can be personalised in type, size, pressure rating, protection treatments, and accessories according to customer requirements.

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