Quick opening closures for medical field: QOC Solutions products

QOCs for medical field 

Often seen only as products for industrial use, quick opening closures can actually be used for many other different purposes. 

Among the many sectors in which QOCs are used is the medical one; in this field, quick opening closures are used to ensure fast and safe access to special machinery, hyperbaric chambers, autoclaves for sterilization and much more.

The quick opening closures used in the medical field must be completely airtight to ensure the maintenance of the stability of the pressure and of the other physical parameters that characterize the environment of the tanks on which they are installed. Due to their delicate field of application, QOCs for autoclave must be perfect under every aspect, and therefore, their design and manufacture require strict quality controls.

QOC Solutions, a company based in the province of Novara, specializes in the design and production of quick opening closures, which can also be installed in medical laboratories.

The high level of customization guaranteed by the company and the preparation of the team of technicians makes QOC Solutions the ideal partner with whom to collaborate for the realization of these products.

At QOC Solutions’ production site, nothing is left to chance: all the products are meticulously treated and subjected to strict quality controls.

QOC Solutions produces manual and automatic rapid closures for autoclaves. In the latter case, the models can be equipped, on customer request, with electric actuators, touch screens, PLCs, HMIs and integrated I/Os, in order to offer even more reliability and safety to the operators who will use them.

The quick opening closures for autoclaves for medical field are made with top quality materials, carefully selected according to the needs of the process. Also, they can be customized with the addition of optional safety devices and the use of special seals. They can withstand temperatures up to 300°C and pressures up to 400 barg.

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